Hellen Ohwofasa is a professional skin and beauty consultant. She is the founder and owner of Fantabulous Styles Beauty Salon and one of the first to be credited in 2012 as the skin expert of the year in the UK by one of the best skin care producers, Dermalogica. And also holds a National Diploma in Beauty Therapy Science with the highest grades.

Hellen launched out her first beauty salon Fantabulous Styles 2012 with the goal of educating and inspiring women how to find their own pure, indisputable beauty and self-confidence.

My Story

I’m so excited to be here to share with you my life story and vision behind Fantabulous Styles

I grew up in Africa, was raised by my grandparents and my aunties. Even though l was from a middle class financial background, life was not always fair. There were times l would go to school with a packet of popcorn to eat for lunch sometimes nothing because they was no money- the little we had was saved for dinner. There were also times we had to eat porridge in the morning, porridge in the afternoon because that was all we would afford at that point.

After school at times l would go and sit in the street to sell clothes and help my grandmother just to make a living.

I really respect my grandparents for raising me the way they did…as this thought me how to use my hands, work hard to get my desires in life.

When the opportunity came for me to travel abroad, to come here in the uk- that was a life turn around for me.

I came here 2005, l enrolled in college to study access to nursing as l was told it was easy to get jobs as a nurse, so l did it for the money while l went to work every night in a care home. I finished the course, it was a one year and when the time came to apply for universities l realised this was all wrong, l wasted my one year doing something l totally hated, so in the end l left it so continued working in care homes for a while.

Latter l meant my husband Efe, who l cherish so mush and see as an inspiration to me. We got married, by then l had decided to enrol back to college to study my passion beauty. I did the applications and all went through to start college at that time l was 20weeks pregnant l didn’t tell the tutors anything until further on into the course as the pregnancy was starting to show and things were becoming harder like getting up in the morning, l was experiencing tiredness…if you have been pregnant you will understand what l mean. The reason l didn’t tell my tutors at the start of the course as l just didn’t want to be discouraged.

Of course l struggled throughout the course but l found my husband and my tutors supported me all the way, l gave birth to a baby boy two weeks after went back to college as l did not want to miss much. As hard as it was l had to leave my 2weeks old baby at home with my husband so l could complete my course. It was hard but l kept my head up with determination and passion, l finished with straight distinctions. Today l run my own business, l am a mother of two boys as well as a wife. If l can do it… l can see you doing it too.

Fantabulous Styles originated from the word “Fabulous.” I came up with this name as l wanted to offer something more than just fabulous so l turned the name into Fantabulous styles with the vision to impact women across the nation, providing professional beauty treatments while inspiring them to find their own indisputable inner beauty.


Hellen Ohwofasa
founder and owner